What We Do

At WhenLoveWorks, you will find your one-stop resource for development and transformation work.
We help you transform challenges in your personal and professional relationships into opportunities for accelerated health and productivity.
Enjoy transformational relationships based on universal truths with WhenLoveWorks.
WhenLoveWorks’ (WLW) Coaching and Development services are available to you as an individual,
as partners and professional/affiliate groups. Our consciousness model is
customizable to your needs.


Get customized coaching, practice tasks and support around your individual needs


You and your partner get real-world solutions to current relationship challenges to satisfy both logical and emotional needs


Accelerate your development alongside others as you share and practice new skills
in our cohort intensives.



Our Team

Husband and wife Relationship Coaches helping you navigate personal and professional relationship challenges. A team with a diverse range of personnel is bringing creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.


Elitia Mattox

CEO & Relationship Coach

Over 20 years in education development and training. Responsible for content development, facilitation and coaching.


Cullen Mattox

Creative Director and Lead Coach

Over 20 years as a creative. Responsible for content development, facilitation and coaching. Also responsible for structure and creative implementation of the WLW methodology.


Kimberly Jacobs

Executive Assistant

Over 5 years as an administrator and journalist. Responsible for defining processes, rules and guidelines for the WLW’s organization.


Shakiyla Newland

Social Media Manager

Over 2 years as a Social Media Manager and Designer. Responsible for creating and curating relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers.

"Love is a state of being. Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you."
Eckhart Tolle

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Chat. Chew.
Love Checkin

August 17th_Dinner & Discussion

YOU are on the right page..If you are a Woman or Man who:
has questions about your personal & professional relationships,
is desiring change,
believes Relationship health is just as important as mental and physical health,
is willing to do the work to make a change and
understands that self-care is a daily discipline.

If you said Yes to any of these, then join us and Let’s Chew, Chat and get a Love Checkin for all things Relationships at
Her+His Toolbox Meetup

Just $35 pp to RSVP
Your Registration for HER + HIS Toolbox Meetup includes:
Dinner, eBook, Unlimited answers to your questions with 2 relationship coaches and Materials

Relationship Questions Matter!

Relationship Answers Matter Too.
That’s why you have to join us at
Chat. Chew. Love Checkin Meetup

RSVP Today and join Cullen and Elitia for an intimate dinner, discussion, relationship tools and unlimited answers to your question.

HER Toolbox

July 8th_ Transformational Womens Series

If you’re a Woman who is ready to:
Get tools to maintain health in every area of your life and in all your relationships;
Practice strategies that build health in your family, workplace and friend group,
Walk in your inherent Love Leadership power to transform challenges

Then Join HER Toolbox  for the tools to Show Up in Authentically in every area of your life.

You will:
1-Peel away “the layers” to remain open and engage authentically. Practice Tongue Transformations
2-Practice Accountability during challenges. Allow relationships to build and grow organically
3-Update your relationship profile. Learn how to hold space for people to learn to love you.
4-Use your POWER Tools to create Relationships that impact the world.

HER Toolbox includes: 4 Live Sessions, Real-time Coaching with Elitia, Workbook, Preworksheet, Unlimited support between sessions, Video link  and Post session tasks.

Couples Toolbox

July 16th_Tools for Healthy Communication, Conflict & Companionship

If you are Ready to:
Experience the joys of free-flowing communication
Process conflict quickly to get back to loving on one another
End unhealthy cycles of mediocrity to live full out

Then Join
Couples Toolbox: Conscious Relationships for the tools to Stay Connected throughout your journey together.

You will
1-Communicate despite hurt and get out of your way
2-Quickly Navigate conflict around your triggers, truths, sabotage and dysfunction using the Civil Rights model
3-Co-create Gratitude moments and practice nurturing the Team
4-Allow Grace to lead the growth and companionship process

Couples Toolbox includes: 4 Live Sessions, Real-time Coaching with Cullen and Elitia, Practice tasks between sessions, Preworksheet, Unlimited support between sessions and Video Link

Dating Toolbox

July 16th_End the Dating Struggle

If you are Ready to:
Experience success in dating
Get a one-stop resource to stop wasting time with the wrong people & to Process your relationship fears
End cycles of disappointment in mediocre relationships

Then Join
Dating Toolbox: Conscious Relationships for the tools to Have Fun while you navigate dating.

You will:
1-Get out of Your Way: Sidestep 3 dating addictions
2-Get Quality not Quantity: Connect with ideal partners
3-Be Conscious and Navigate Bad Behavior: Refine your lens
4-Choose Wisely because you don’t get your time, energy and resources back

Dating Toolbox includes: 4 Live Sessions, Real-time Coaching with Cullen and Elitia, Practice tasks between sessions, Preworksheet, Unlimited support between sessions and Video Link

Date Night, Escape Room

August 9th_Dinner, Escape, Couples Tools

An Experience like You’ve never had before!

2 Relationship coaches + Escape the Room Owner = Unforgettable Date Night!
Are you Coupled Up and Looking for an interactive, date night?
Are you up for some teamwork with other couples to escape the room?
Ready to get relationship tools to help you strengthen your bond?
Then you’re on the right site!
Date Night: Escape the Room
Your Registration is $119 per Couple and Includes:
*WLW Couples Toolbox Strategies,
*Escape the Room Experience,
*2+ hours of Interactivity with other Couples,

Show Up Retreat and Conference

September 13-16th_When Women Show Up

Have you gotten lost in your personal and professional relationships? Are you ready to show up as you, in every area of your life?

Then join WLW for the Show Up Womens Retreat & Conference 2019: Denver.
Be immersed in an unforgettable and transformative experience as you’re pampered, whenloveworks styled.

Meet us in Denver for the full Show Up retreat experience or just for the Show Up conference. Either way, you won’t leave the same

Show Up Retreat Includes:
Private Estate Lodging
Personal Chef
Body Treatment
3 Workshops
Airport Transfers
30min Coaching
Wellness Day Experience and so much more

Deposit $250 and Monthly payment $250.





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