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Transforming any relationship requires intentional work and lots of love. The WhenLoveWorks affordable membership is designed to support you in this work along the way. Join the LOVE movement today and be a part of WLW’s community that’s committed to your development of success in every aspect of your relationships.


WhenLoveWorks Members* receive:

  • LIVE relationship support {Monthly call with a WLW Coach}
  • 20% off WhenLoveWorks coaching services
  • 15% off WhenLoveWorks events
  • 15% off WhenLoveWorks experiences: getaways, retreat, cruise, etc
  • Monthly “Love Who You Are” tips to help expose your personal blind-spots
  • Monthly “Love What You Do” tips to help you align with your passion 
  • Monthly Articles packed with compressed knowledge on Success to build real-world
    proficiency in every area of your life
  • Discounted WLW partner services (spa treatments, gourmet treats, personal trainer, dining)
  • Stylish Keyfob that instantly identifies you as a WLW Member
  • No annual fees
    Get your WhenLoveWorks Membership today for only $19.99/month

    Save when you Pay Annually: $220/year

See what members are saying

“I just got my membership card in the mail, love it! look forward to putting it to use.”  Membership
Siria A., Harlem, NYC

That extra push, the gentle nudge to take another bite of that elephant sitting on your plate. A guide that you know is looking out for your best interests. And as with any race. .. one should have a trainer! That’s why I joined WhenLoveWorks. Sara B., Fashion Designer

Teaneck, NJ, The BunnFunn Collection

I’m a WhenLoveWorks member because they give great advice about family, couples and business. They also have great life coaches. Lisa D.

Houston, TX

Become a WhenLoveWorks Partner

Are you a business owner committed to excellent service? Then the WhenLoveWorks partnership is ideal for you. The WLW Partnership is designed to strengthen relationships by sharing resources and services with its members. We pride ourselves on providing our members with quality products and service that maintain a excellence in all aspects of the WhenLoveWorks experience.


WhenLoveWorks Partners* receive:


  • Increased clientele by servicing WLW members
  • Ability to apply discounts (in person or online)
  • Advertisement of services/products
  • Low annual fee only $39.99/year