Safety Planning

Safety Planning

When you go outside your home each day, you never know what’s in store. But in an effort to be safe, you still try to plan for the day. You dress according to the weather forecast, you pack food and snacks for your appetite and you plan your commute based on your destination. However, the one thing you can’t plan around is the unpredictability of people. You can’t even predict the number of interactions you’ll have with other people in any given day.

(Side Note:We do offer the WLW Lumens practice as a way to plan for unpredictability of people while maintaining your energy and sanity. But that’s another topic for a different time 😉 )


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Yes, somethings in life are unpredictable. But in your relationships, they don’t have to be. Safety planning is possible in relationships. It just takes work. So instead of planning for and combatting against these external, often draining interactions, plan for opportunities that will re-invigorate you. Be intentional. Make safety a priority. Plan for your relationship to be a safe space.

One of the best ways to enjoy safe and respectful interactions everyday is to strengthen the relationships within your home, with the people whom you already know well.

Start today by implementing this WhenLoveWorks’ (WLW) practice task.
1) Write out the words describe the person who: doesn’t question your integrity? speaks positively into your life? maintains a loving tone in conversations with you?

2) Then create daily moments of gratitude that include the words you uncovered in step #1.



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When you make this a daily practice, you ensure the relationships within your own home are predictable, safe and secure. With continued practice, you’ll enjoy a Safety Net right in your own home. And over time, you create a WLW Ecosystem that counters any negative impact outside people can have on you.


Safety Net definition: (n.) guard against possible hardship and adversity


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Love Relationships are designed to cover you. So when nurtured, relationships provide protection from unpredictable, external factors. That’s why you have to do the WLW safety planning work to strengthen your relationships. Yes, Love relationships take work, but the benefits are endless.  Because whenever you’re faced with societal pressure, familial disappointments and professional expectations, you can still find a safety net within your relationships.


WhenLoveWorks, you understand Relationships are designed to cover you. So at the end of a difficult day, you safely fall back in trust.~Elitia


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