“Dear Cullen and Elitia,

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience, being given the tools to be able build healthy relationships in our personal and professional lives. We learned so much about ourselves as well as how to communicate and connect with our co-workers.  Learning about the love languages and identifying our own, opened our eyes to an understanding about the inner working of others.  We hope to be able to work with you again, it was truly an enlightening experience.”
~Jillian B. and Assunta S., CoTeachers at York Early College Academy


Development & Workshops

for professionals and youth

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WLW’s Development, Coaching and Workshops are designed to catalyze innovation to help you and your team go beyond the norm, communicate needs effectively, reduce conflicts and set realistic expectations to improve productivity. Our sessions challenge you to tackle conflicts with confidence, eliminate distractions & experience success in your group relationships.
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Family Engagement Coaching & Workshops

for parents, guardians and children

Are you ready to reduce stress and infuse health and love into your family? Do you want to be an example for future generations? Family Engagement is designed to help parents and guardians maximize love’s expression as they rear today’s youth. Our Family Engagement coaching and workshops engages family members in exercises to identify stress triggers, diminish stigmas around “tough love” and create safe spaces for free-flowing practice. Get the tools needed to minimize stress, save time and operate as a love leader within your family. Scheduleyour consultation today.

Healthy Relationships Course

prevention/intervention skills for all

Let’s be honest. Most of us were never prepared with the tools for getting and maintaining healthy relationships. If you feel this way, Healthy Relationships Course is designed just for you. Join us as we debunk relationship myths, navigate obstacles and strengthen your screening process as you engage in co-ed group sessions.  You’ll learn practical skills to engage in healthy relationships with others. As a result, you’ll save time, money and energy along your love journey. Join the group

DV and IPV Support

for men, women, and partners

WhenLoveWorks’ Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence Intensives help survivors navigate their way back to wholeness, forgive themselves and regain power that was usurped from them. Participants, unlearn relationship dysfunctions, embody and demonstrate self-love, increase relationship proficiency, improve confidence and self-worth to develop healthy habits. During these sessions, groups will accelerate the healing process toward realizing goals as we provide education and empowerment to help participants build healthy relationships.  Scheduleyour consultation today.

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Upon completion, we will reach out within 24 hours to discuss the best way to enhance your relationship through WLW services.


We’ll Work with Your Group

WhenLoveWorks offers group sessions on a variety of topics. In the past, we have worked with schools, at-risk populations, churches, health fairs, civic organizations and more. Our mission is to be a community resource that helps you enjoy healthier relationships with family, friends, partner and colleagues. Let us work with your group to provide practical tools to build and maintain healthy relationships. Plan your WLW Development, Workshop, Course or Coaching today. Schedule a consultation today!

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