Are you a Single Professional?
Do you want to have fun mingling?

Then Join us at WLW Singles Event
Play games, Ask the tough questions, Identify your blindspots and transform the way you engage others.

Join us in a lively, interactive singles-mingle experience in a beautiful Harlem Brownstone.
Saturday, May 20th from 7-9pm and Afterparty 9pm-until
Don’t miss it this year because WLW 2016 Singles Event was a Blast.
…It’s a 2hour Highly Interactive event, so don’t be shy. 
You’ve never experienced “Mingling” like this before
*$40pp…Get your Early RSVP ticket TODAY, limited spots:
Early RSVP Ticket Sales end 5/5/2017…Then $50 through 5/13/2017
Click the link to get your ticket:

Join us for an interactive mingle session where Men & Women get a chance to connect with compatible singles in a non-threatening, relaxed, fun environment in a Harlem Brownstone. Then stroll over to the AfterParty.
Your $40 ticket includes: 2 hours of refreshments, drinks, relationship activities, raffles and access to the After Party & discount cocktail
WLW Members get a 15% discount

Get ready for LOVE. Not “play-play,” but REAL LOVE.
…because YOU can be in a relationship right now & NOT be ready for LOVE

Find out if you’re ready for LOVE & Test if you freely give LOVE.
Join us Tuesday, April 4th at 8:30pm and participate in the WLW “LOVE Test” event to find out.

WLW Coaches will share the tools they’ve successfully used with their clients to Attract LOVE & Maintain LOVE relationships, with YOU during this 1 and a half hour event.

During the 1.5 hour WLW “LOVE Test” EVENT, you will:
1) ReDefine LOVE
2) Differentiate relationships vs ministries
3) Ask the tough LOVE questions, Sit with tough answers
4) Trust when it’s Not personal, just Chemistry
5) Identify your blindspots and relationship dysfunctions, then
6) Learn novel, practical skills that will help transform the way you engage LOVE.
$40 pp (includes all materials and Prework)

Join us if you are:
*curious about LOVE
*wondering if it’s really LOVE
*ready for LOVE
*afraid of LOVE
*been hurt by someone who said he/she LOVED you
*tired of doing the same thing, ready for different results
*single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, widow, etc

Do you struggle to maintain your PEACE and Joy during chaos and change?
Are you noticing a pattern of dysfunction?

Then our STABILITY Coaching is Just For You!

All mature men and women are welcome

Join us for 4 interactive sessions
Connect for 1 hour for 4 consecutive weeks
Join us LIVE from anywhere around the world using Google Hangouts
Work with 2 WLW Coaches for the price of one
Topics Include: Triggers & Sabotage behaviors, PEACE in spite of personal and professional relationships,
JOY is not happiness and Love is not conditional

All 4 sessions, PreWork, Practice Tasks and Between Session support begin at $650pp (InPerson option available)
Choose your 4 dates and Reserve your spot
WLW Members get a 20% discount