Cullen & Elitia Mattox

Lead Coaches and Founders of WhenLoveWorks


“WhenLoveWorks coaching saved my life!” ~Elitia 
“I was the terror in all my relationships and was comfortable with blaming everyone else and everything else for my behavior. I did not take love seriously. I didn’t love who I was and felt like damaged goods.
But one day I decided I was tired of blaming others and began doing some personal development. Then when I met Cullen, everything intensified!
I wasn’t in a bubble doing this work alone. Using the principles and practices that would ultimately become WhenLoveWorks coaching, Cullen held me accountable to operating in LOVE in every area of my life. Because how could I say: I Love who I am and Love what I did and that I Love him; but have inconsistent and inconsiderate Love actions.
It was time to align my words with my actions. It was time for some love work.” 
Q: What services do you provide at WhenLoveWorks?

A: At WhenLoveWorks’ we provide three (3) main services:
1) Interactive Coaching
2) Intensives and Courses
3) Live Events

WLW relationship Coaching are hour-long, customized sessions where you and your coach unpack a current challenge and work through toward healthy resolution. Coaching sessions are offered for individuals, partners and groups and take place in-person, virtually or by phone.

WLW Intensives & Courses are in-depth, interactive work customized around your relationship challenge. Just like any course work, you engage in the lessons and complete weekly practice tasks. Intensives and Courses are offered in groups, virtually and in-person.

WLW Live Events are in-person or virtual events that are filled with practical healthy relationship skills. 






About WhenLoveWorks


“We believe you can LOVE who you are, LOVE what you do and LOVE who you choose to do life with. It just takes work!” ~Culen & Elitia

That’s where WhenLoveWorks comes in. We believe that with a little work, you can enjoy satisfying relationships in every area of your life. WLW Coaching, Intensives, Live Events, Workshops and Professional Development gives you practical solutions to improve relationships and transform challenges with your family, partner or colleagues.. We love what we do!  In fact, we were our first clients! Which means we’ve already done the hard part, refined the practice and have several client testimonials attesting to our effectiveness.

Our interactive coaching will guide you through the transformative work to identify dysfunction, manage your triggers and your energy and ultimately control your peace. So if you’re experiencing challenges, hurt or abuse among family, friends, your partner or colleagues, we can help!
Let us accelerate your development by giving you practical solutions that save you time, money and energy.

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Featured Articles and WLW Services

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  • Individual or Family Engagement Coaching
  • Merging, Growing Families
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Anger and Anxiety Coaching
  • Healthy Communication Skills in our Course
  • Healthy Relationships
  • “Real” Friendship Engagement
  • Group Coaching
  • Healthy Communication Skills
Intimate Relationships
  • Healthy Relationships
  • DV and IPV Support (Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence)
  • Couples/Dating Coaching
  • Power Couple Coaching
  • Before “I Do” PreMarital Coaching
  • Long Distance Relationships
  • Anger and Anxiety Coaching
  • Healthy Communication Skills
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Work Relationships
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  • Group Coaching
  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Anger and Anxiety Coaching
  • Communication Skills
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Elitia's Bio

Reflecting on her own journey and the ways she was able to help others accelerate development, Elitia walks in her life’s mission as a coach, trainer and educator. She inspires men and women to go within, engage in transformative work and operate at optimal levels within their personal and professional relationships. Elitia embodies her work and is authentic in service to others: read more about one part of her journey here

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Elitia earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology from St. John’s University (NYC), certification as a Life Coach from Coach Training Alliance (CO), a M.S. in Education from Mercy College (NYC), earned a M.S. Education in Administration and Supervision from Fordham University (NYC) and is a member of two honor societies. Elitia is happily married with three children and lives in New York City with Cullen, her loving husband.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is coaching with WLW?

A: WhenLoveWorks’ coaching is a highly, interactive, accountability partnership customized to your current challenges. Our coaching sessions paired with the practice tasks quickly move you through challenges and on to your desired goals within your personal and professional relationships.





Q: If I want WLW coaching, which services do you offer?

A:  We offer individual customized coaching sessions, partner sessions (pre wed, married, dating) and group coaching sessions, professional development training and workshops. For your convenience, we offer coaching sessions, trainings and workshops in person, via telephone or online. Complete a coaching assessment survey and one of our coaches will respond within 24 hours.
Personal Partners Group




















Q: If I want a periodic coaching conversations, what's the best option for me?

A:  WhenLoveWorks Membership offers a monthly check-in call. Click the Membership tab above to learn more.













Q: How do I know if my session has been productive?

A: Most of what you will accrue from a coaching session is intangible, but no less valuable. All great things had their origins in intangibility. Even the mighty iPhone was just an intangible idea a few years ago.

You will learn a new skill in each session that you can implement immediately. As a matter of fact, we practice each skill with you before your session is over.



Q: How is coaching different from therapy?

A: Coaching is a co-creative relationship that accelerates your development in as little as one month. Therapy on the other hand, is generally a unilateral discussion that can last several years.





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