At WhenLoveWorks, we help you transform challenges in your personal and professional relationships
into opportunities for accelerated health and healing.
WhenLoveWorks’ (WLW) Coaching and Development services are available to you as an individual,
as partners and affiliate/professional groups. Our consciousness relationship model is
customizable to your needs.


Get customized coaching sessions, practice tasks and support around your individual needs


You and your partner get real-world solutions to current relationship challenges to satisfy both logical and emotional needs


Accelerate your development alongside others as you share and practice new skills
in our cohort intensives.

“Working with Eilita was one the best decisions I ever made last year. I am always looking for ways to be a better me. For me, becoming better requires work; hard work, real work, soul work. Elitia provided me with the practical tools that produced results that further allowed me to embrace a love that transcends and escapes the bounds of my human reality. It is that love that carries, sustains, and holds me accountable in every task, interaction, and relationship that I am a part of.”

Itang Y., Pastor, Abyssinian Baptist Church,
Harlem, NY

Shaba & Peggytestimonialbw

“Recently I read this quote: “I learned that regardless how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place.
Love coaching with WhenLoveWorks equipped me with that something else,  the tools to have authentic conversations that are forever evolving.  Empowered me to hold myself and others accountable for having the relationships I desire and deserve. Taught my companion and I to speak and express ourselves in our Love Languages. We are putting in the work so we don’t have to worry about what happens when the passion fades….

Shaba and Peggy, Retired in CA


“Thank you so much for such an amazing experience, being given the tools to be able build healthy relationships in our personal and professional lives. We learned so much about ourselves as well as how to communicate and connect with our co-workers.  Learning about the love languages and identifying our own, opened our eyes to an understanding about the inner working of others.  We hope to be able to work with you again, it was truly an enlightening experience.”

~Jillian B. and Assunta S., CoTeachers at
York Early College Academy